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managing director

Simon Carr has extensive electricity and telecommunications sector experience in the U.S., Europe, and New Zealand, including economic modeling, business case development, and requirements analysis, In the power sector, he has built and managed modeling capabilities using GE MAPS and PROMOD IV to provide price forecasting, asset valuation, market power analysis, and litigation support. He also has built proprietary models of capacity markets in the northeastern electricity markets of the U.S.. Most recently, he has been responsible for client assignments involving electricity and capacity price forecasting for various North American markets, including PJM, NYISO, ERCOT and Ontario, for inclusion in independent market assessments. He has also modeled northeastern U.S. capacity price markets for unit valutions, and in selected markets he has reviewed the effect of existing and proposed market rules on ancillary services markets and unit dispatch.In addition to market modeling, Mr Carr has also provided litigation and contract support services for a variety of clients. Originally from New Zealand where he studied theoretical physics, he has worked in the UK for a number of year as a telecommunications consultant. For the last 15 years he has been based in the U.S., holding senior positions in a number of consulting firms where he has been responsible for the provision of electricity modeling services, overseeing both projects and the activities of modeling staff. 

PhD studies in climatology, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
MSc, Astrophysics, McMaster University 
BSc (Ist Class Hons), Physics, Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand