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Achieving Connecticut’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets: A Preliminary Assessment  of Available Approaches, January 2018

An analysis of Connecticut's carbon reduction targets in 2020 and 2050, current status towards achieving those levels, projected reductions that will be achieved and are achievable, as well as policy recommendations on how to realize the state's emissions reduction objectives. 

New Jersey Nuclear Power Plants: Historical and Near-term Financial Assessment, January 2018

Evaluation of the profitability of Hope Creek and Salem from 2001 through 2022 with a discussion of their returns generated since operations began.

Millstone Nuclear Power Plant: Estimated Costs to Exit Capacity Supply Obligations, October 2017
An addendum to the financial assessment of Millstone that estimates the  costs to exit the ISO-NE prior to its commitments to New England's capacity markets expire in 2022.

Financial Assessment: Millstone Nuclear Power Plant,

April 2017

A financial assessment of the Millstone nuclear power plant that shows historic and projected profitability under alternative price projections, as well as the potential impact on Connecticut ratepayers of the proposed legislation.  

Analysis of Alternative Winter Reliability Solutions for New England Energy Markets, August 2015

A report analyzing the costs and benefits of alternative proposals, including a new natural gas pipeline, dual-fuel capability, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). 

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