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gilBERT M. rodgers

senior managing directoR


Dr. Gil Rodgers is Senior Managing Director and Vice President of Natural Gas Markets.  In this role, he oversees development of integrated energy market models with a particular focus on fuels such as natural gas to provide insights into the changing dynamics of natural gas, electricity, petroleum, coal, and transportation industries.  He is based in Boston, Massachusetts.  Dr. Rodgers has more than 35 years of experience in the energy industry and has held senior-level positions both in the private sector and in the U.S. federal government. He regularly addresses strategic and tactical issues currently facing business and government, including energy strategies, fuel price analyses, power plant investments, LNG and natural gas investments, carbon management, and energy sustainability.  In his prior positions, he has developed unique frameworks and stochastic analytical approaches to capture alternative future “states of the world,” applied this approach in many natural gas projects to analyze the riskiness and uncertainties in strategy, investment, and financing decisions. Throughout these projects Dr. Rodgers interacts extensively with executives and senior management including Board of Directors.  He previously worked in senior management positions at Pace Consulting, CERA, IHS Global Insight, Data Resources Inc. (DRI), and at the U.S. Federal Energy Administration (FEA), a predecessor organization to the U.S. Department of Energy. 

PhD, Management Science, Economics and Engineering, Stanford University

MS, Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University

BEE, Electrical Engineering, Union College